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    1. Altitude
      1. The altitude field(s) of the data block must always reflect the current status of the aircraft unless otherwise specified in an appropriate facility directive.
      2. Unless otherwise specified in a facility directive or letter of agreement, do not modify assigned or interim altitude information prior to establishing communication with an aircraft that is outside your area of jurisdiction unless verbal coordination identifying who will modify the data block has been accomplished.
        • NOTE:
        • 1. A local interim altitude (LIA) can be used as a means of recording interfacility coordination.
        • 2. Conflict probe in EDST does not probe for the LIA.
      3. Whenever an aircraft is cleared to maintain an altitude different from that in the flight plan database, enter into the computer one of the following:
        1. (a) The new assigned altitude if the aircraft will (climb or descend to and) maintain the new altitude, or
        2. (b) An interim altitude if the aircraft will (climb or descend to and) maintain the new altitude for a short period of time and subsequently be recleared to the altitude in the flight plan database or a new altitude or a new interim altitude, or


        3. (c) A procedure altitude if the aircraft is cleared to vertically navigate (VNAV) on a SID/STAR with published restrictions, or
        4. (d) Where appropriate for interfacility handoffs, an LIA when the assigned altitude differs from the coordinated altitude unless verbally coordinated or specified in a letter of agreement or facility directive.

        NOTE: A facility directive may be published, in accordance with JO 7210.3, Paragraph 8-2-7, Waiver to Interim Altitude Requirements, deleting the interim altitude computer entry requirements of subparagraph 3.

    2. Flight Plan Route Data

      This information must not be modified outside of the controller's area of jurisdiction unless verbally coordinated or specified in a Letter of Agreement or Facility Directive.

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