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    6-7-1. APPLICATION

    Timed approaches using either nonradar procedures or radar vectors to the final approach course may be used at airports served by a tower if the following conditions are met:

    • NOTE:
    • These procedures require NAVAIDs and standard/special instrument approach procedures or adequate radar coverage which permit an aircraft to:
    • 1. Hold at a fix located on the approach course or to be radar vectored to the final approach course for a straight-in approach in accordance with the minima specified in para 6-7-5, Interval Minima.
    • 2. Proceed in the direction of the airport along the approach course crossing the holding/approach fix at a specified altitude if required.
    • 3. Continue descent for an approach to destination airport.
    1. Direct communication is maintained with the aircraft until the pilot is instructed to contact the tower.
    2. If more than one missed approach procedure is available, none require course reversal.
    3. If only one missed approach procedure is available, the following conditions are met:
      1. Course reversal is not required.
      2. Reported ceiling and visibility are equal to or greater than the highest prescribed circling mini- mums for the instrument approach procedure in use.

        NOTE: Determination of whether or not an existing ceiling meets minima is accomplished by comparing MDA (MSL) with ceiling (AGL) plus the airport elevation.

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