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    interpretation 13
    1. Class C services include the following:
      1. Sequencing of all aircraft to the primary airport.
      2. Standard IFR services to IFR aircraft.
      3. Separation, traffic advisories, and safety alerts between IFR and VFR aircraft.
      4. Mandatory traffic advisories and safety alerts between VFR aircraft.
    2. Provide Class C services to all aircraft operating within Class C airspace.
    3. Provide Class C services to all participating aircraft in the outer area.
    4. Aircraft should not normally be held. However, if holding is necessary, inform the pilot of the expected length of delay.
    5. When an outage occurs, affecting the preferred radar sensor, advise aircraft that Class C services are not available and, if appropriate, when to contact the tower, except when other radar resources are available and to the extent that coverage is sufficient, continue to provide radar services.

      NOTE: Limited radar coverage in one portion of a Class C area does not justify denial of Class C radar service in the entire area.

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