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    In accordance with Chapter 8, Offshore/Oceanic Procedures, Section 4, Lateral Separation, apply the following:

    1. 50 NM to RNP-10 approved aircraft within areas where RNP-10 separation and procedures are authorized,
    2. 30 NM to (at a minimum, RNP-4, RCP240, and RSP 180) approved aircraft operating within the Anchorage Oceanic CTA and Anchorage Continental CTA when direct controller/pilot communications, via voice or Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC), and the required ADS-C contracts are maintained and monitored by an automated flight data processor (for example, ATOP).

      NOTE: The minimum described in subparagraph b is not applicable within airspace in the Anchorage Arctic CTA.

    3. 90 NM to aircraft not covered by subparagraphs a or b.
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