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    1. Clear the aircraft according to pilot request as soon as practicable. Do not ask the pilot to deviate from his/her planned action except to preclude an emergency situation.
      • FAA Order 8240.41, Flight Inspection/Air Traffic On-Site Coordination Requirements, Appendix 1, describes certain flight inspection maneuvers in detail.
    2. Issue radar advisories to the flight inspection aircraft where adequate coverage exists and to the extent permitted by workload.
    3. Suggest flight path adjustments, as required, for any aircraft which will enter or penetrate an area in which a flight inspection function is being performed.
    4. Provide special handling, as required, to FAA aircraft conducting flight inspections using the call sign “Flight Check.” The call sign “Flight Check (Nr) recorded” indicates automated flight inspections are in progress in terminal areas.
    • NOTE:
    • 1. FAA flight inspection aircraft will file flight plans using the call sign “FLIGHT CHECK” during flight inspections or when inbound to conduct flight inspections. Flight plan remarks may indicate type NAVAID inspection to be accomplished; e.g. “FC OKC P.”
    • 2. Authorized non-FAA Service Providers conducting Flight Validation activities use the call sign “FLIGHT VAL.” Although these activities are similar to Flight Inspection activities, no additional priority is granted with this call sign.
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