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    1. Provide the following special handling to military aircraft or military contracted aircraft carrying dangerous materials when:
      1. The words “dangerous cargo,” or “inert devices,” or both are contained in the remarks section of the filed flight plan, or
        • NOTE:
        • 1. Certain types of military flights carrying dangerous materials require strict adherence to military regulations and flight planning along carefully selected routes. These flights must avoid heavily populated areas.
        • 2. “Inert devices” are devices containing no dangerous materials but closely resembling nuclear or explosive items that are classified as dangerous and could be easily mistaken for their dangerous counterparts.
      2. The pilot uses these words in radio communication.
    2. If it becomes necessary to issue a clearance to amend the route/altitude, advise the pilot:
      1. Of the proposed change, and
      2. The amount of delay to expect if it is necessary to maintain the present route/altitude.
    3. When it becomes necessary for the pilot to refuse a clearance amending his/her route/altitude, he/she will advise if the traffic delay is acceptable or if an alternate route/altitude is desired. In such cases, offer all possible assistance.
    4. When the aircraft is provided an en route descent, do not vector the aircraft from the planned route unless the pilot concurs.
    5. Use special patterns and routings in areas where they have been developed for these flights. If special patterns and routings have not been developed, employ normal procedures.
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