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    1. Assign special use frequency to:

      NOTE: Special use frequencies are assigned to ARTCCs in such a manner that adjacent ARTCCs will not have the same frequency. They are to be used within the ARTCC area jurisdiction from the established FL base of the high altitude sectors and above. Each high altitude sector should have the capability to use the special use frequency on a shared basis.

      1. USAF, U.S. Navy, and Air National Guard (ANG) single-pilot jet aircraft formations operating at night or in instrument weather conditions. Formations of five or more USAF aircraft deploying either to a continental U.S. staging base or nonstop to an overseas location are authorized to use special use frequencies at any time. Normally these deployments will be conducted within an altitude reservation.
      2. U-2 and B-57 (pressure suit flights) aircraft at all altitudes/FLs except where terminal operations require the assignment of other frequencies.

        NOTE: Aerial refueling operations may require that aircraft leave the special use frequency for communications with the tanker. This will occur when the receiver is approximately 200 miles from the ARCP. The tanker aircraft will remain on the ARTCC assigned frequency and will relay clearances to the receiver as required. An alternate means of communications between the tanker and receiver is HF radio.

      3. All aircraft during supersonic flight.

        NOTE: Pilots are expected to request assignment of the special use frequency in the remarks section of the flight plan or before entering supersonic flight. B-57 aircraft engaged in pressure suit operations will use the static call sign KITE and flights will normally be conducted from Dover, Eielson, Ellington, Hickman, Howard, Kirtland, and McClellan Air Force Bases.

      4. E-3A AWACS mission crews when operations are being conducted as an MRU in accordance with appropriate letters of agreement.
    2. The special use frequency may be assigned as “backup” for the high-altitude sector when direct communications are essential because of a potential emergency control situation.
    3. Do not assign the special use frequency to the aircraft in subparagraph a1 above, when they will operate in airspace assigned for special military operations.
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