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  • 10-2-13. MANPADS ALERT

    When a threat or attack from Man-Portable Air Defense Systems (MANPADS) is determined to be real, notify and advise aircraft as follows:

    1. Do not withhold landing clearance. To the extent possible, issue information on MANPADS threats, confirmed attacks, or post-event activities in time for it to be useful to the pilot. The pilot or parent company will determine the pilot's actions.
    2. MANPADS information will be disseminated via the ATIS and/or controller-to-pilot transmissions.
    3. Disseminate via controller-to-pilot transmission until the appropriate MANPADS information is broadcast via the ATIS and pilots indicate they have received the appropriate ATIS code. MANPADS information will include nature and location of threat or incident, whether reported or observed and by whom, time (if known), and when transmitting to an individual aircraft, a request for pilot's intentions.
      • ATTENTION (aircraft identification), MANPADS ALERT. EXERCISE EXTREME CAUTION. MANPADS THREAT/ ATTACK/POST-EVENT ACTIVITY OBSERVED/ REPORTED BY (reporting agency) (location) AT (time, if known). (When transmitting to an individual aircraft) SAY INTENTIONS.
      • EXAMPLE
      • “Attention Eastern Four Seventeen, MANPADS alert. Exercise extreme caution. MANPADS threat reported by TSA, La Guardia vicinity. Say intentions.”
      • “Attention all aircraft, MANPADS alert. Exercise extreme caution. MANPADS post-event activity observed by tower south of airport at two-one-zero-zero Zulu.”
    4. Report MANPADS threat/attack/post-event activity via the ATIS and/or controller-to-pilot transmissions until notified otherwise by the Domestic Events Network (DEN) Air Traffic Security Coordinator (ATSC).
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