ATM Ranking List

NCEPT ATM Ranking List February Q2 2024

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These list are obtained via FOIA requests and consolidated here. Check the attached thread to see the lists for panels 1-12 at this link (ATM Ranking Lists).

FOIA requests take time to fill, so there will always be significant lag time between panels and any potential updates. While this resource makes the files available here for convenience, the pointsixtyfive staff is not committed to making the FOIA requests. Please communicate with other members in the attached thread to coordinate requests. You can upload files at Dropbox - Submit files to have them made available here. Please name the file something that makes the panel easily identifiable (IE: 2022 Feb ranking list).

Please keep the thread attached to this topic about getting/updating the lists themselves, and not about a specific list. Those questions/comments should be kept in the related NCEPT panel thread.
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