1. #1349

    February 2019

    ERR Submission Deadline: 1/11/19 NCEPT Panel Date: 2/12/19 CANCELLED BY SHUTDOWN
  2. Usm4r1n3

    Possible Proposal for Placement

    Hello All, Thinking about a proposal for NATCA. Post your thoughts/ criticisms. Sign a contract with the ATM and it gets put in your file stating that after 5 years of service to your current facility you are either guaranteed placement or top priority to your facility of preference. (Maybe a...
  3. MJ

    Facility Priority and Vacancy list

    MJ submitted a new resource: Facility Priority and Vacancy list - FAA facility vacancies, NCEPT priority and status Read more about this resource...
  4. MJ

    ERR Removals

    Because of the potential effects on others, removal of ERR paperwork is highly encouraged for facilities where an individual is not willing to accept an offer to. Additionally, when someone declines an offer, that information is entered into a database, which has potential negative effects in...
  5. U

    NCEPT and NiW

    This isn't a surprise, but NCEPT was a popular topic of conversation at NiW. Paul and Trish talked about it during the Q&A, as well as the RVPs that were there. They are well aware of the unhappiness that's out there about this process. That small facilities are seeing their numbers boosted...
  6. MJ

    Current Rules

    Updated 10/26/19 Visit the ERR/NCEPT FAQ section for additional information. Download the NATCA - ERR MOU/SOP Facility Status Category 1 CPC AOB > 90% CPC AOB national average, and Projected > 90% Projected national average Release dates shall be within three (3) months of selection, or at...
  7. MJ

    2nd Quarter 2017

    Submission/withdrawal deadline: 2/13 Panel: 3/9-10
  8. MJ

    1st QTR 2017

    Submission deadline: 11/14 Panel: 12/8&9
  9. MJ

    NCEPT National Centralized ERR Placement Process 10

    Primarily a technical document for HR. It does contain some information on how certain factors are calculated or accounted for.
  10. MJ

    NCEPT Minutes

    MJ0730 submitted a new resource: NCEPT Minutes - NCEPT Minutes Read more about this resource...
  11. MJ

    NCEPT NCEPT Minutes 4th Qtr 2019

    NCEPT meeting minutes. Contains statistics, facility placements, and issues. Weekly minutes will be uploaded in the associated discussion thread. Additional Information ERR and NCEPT FY2016 Program Report
  12. MJ

    4th QTR 2016

    ERR Submission Deadline: Aug 16 Panel: Sep 8-9
  13. MJ

    NATCA ERR MOU/SOP 25May2017

    ERR National Release Policy MOU & SOP. See more info link for the Q&A.