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    May (Q3) 2024

    May 21, 2024 NCEPT Timeline (more detailed timelines/rules will be added as they become available) April 19, 2024: ERR Submission Deadline May 21, 2024: NCEPT convenes/adjourns Rules:
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    August (Q4) 2023

    *Rules will be posted here when they are released* Wednesday, 19 July– ERR submission deadline (must be received by 23:59 EST) Friday, 21 July– Facilities shall update SWB (must be completed by 8:30 am EST) Tuesday, 25 July – HR Staffing Workbook entries completed...
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    May (Q3) 2023

    3RD QUARTER MAY 22, 2023 NCEPT TIMELINE Wednesday, 19 April – ERR submission deadline Must be received by 23:59EST Friday, 21 April–Facilities shall update SWB Must be completed by 8:30 am EST Tuesday, 25 April – HR Staffing Workbook entries completed by 8:30 am EST Wednesday, 26 April –...
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    ERR contact info by region as of Feb 2023

    I had a hard time finding a complete and up to date table of this data for my ERRs, so here you go everyone. Not great quality but it'll do. Hopefully this helps some people save time.
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    November (Q1) 2023

    The NCEPT Board will take place on November 15, 2022 Rules and Modifications to the board: Round 1 · Releasing facility must be at or above 85% current % CPC to Target (column L of the PPT) and at or above 85% Projected % to Target (column AA of the PPT). · Releases stop when the facility drops...
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    Mutual Reassignment Request (SWAP) Database Tool

    Mod edit: This tool isn't maintained by or associated with Hey everyone, I've put together a Google Form that will take your SWAP request and automatically detect matches with other respondents. Your request will remain on file for 1 year before being automatically deleted...
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    August (Q4) 2022

    the next NCEPT will be held on August 23 per the KSN. The August PPT is scheduled to be released on July 27. August NCEPT temporary modifications Facilities are either designated as “gaining” or “releasing” facilities for each round. Round 1 • Releasing facility must be at or above 85% current...
  8. MJ

    NCEPT ATM Ranking List November Q1 2024

    These list are obtained via FOIA requests and consolidated here. Check the attached thread to see the lists for panels 1-12 at this link (ATM Ranking Lists). FOIA requests take time to fill, so there will always be significant lag time between panels and any potential updates. While this...
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    May (Q3) 2022

    May 17th, 2022 NCEPT Panel 4/18 : ERR Submission Deadline 4/22: Facility Update to Staffing Workbook (SWB) 4/26: HR Staffing Workbook Entries Completed 4/27: Facility Priority Placement Tool (PPT) 4/28: NCEPT Data Executed 5/2: HR Resume Upload Begins 5/6: HR Resume Upload Complete 5/9: Manager...
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    Automated, self-filling ERR package, all required files in 1 PDF 1.0

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------Bandit117's ERR's V1.0---------------- 2022---------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  11. B

    Resource Automated, self-filling ERR package

    As the thread title states, I have made a fully automated ERR package that is self contained in one PDF. It has a coversheet, 3330-42, 3330-43-1, the resume and the performance review all one easy PDF file. You will have to fill in your details. However, each bit of info populates the entire...
  12. S

    ERR Generator 2023.02.17

    This program will automatically generate ERR packages including a Cover Letter, 3330-42, and 3330-43-1 for up to 20 facilities at once. This program auto-populates several fields from a locally maintained database of FAA facilities that is updated periodically. This version is up-to-date as of...
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  14. pointSixtyFive

    NCEPT NCEPT Selection Lists November 2023

    The selections of approved ERRs are posted here. Non-redacted versions can be found on the NATCA website or KSN. Related Resources Facility Priority and Vacancy list (Decision Lens Tool) Priority Placement Tool
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    NCEPT Statistics and Tracking Tool 1.2

  16. Super Salt

    March (Q2) 2020

    SCHEDULE: FY20 2nd Quarter Jan 31st – ERR Submission Deadline Feb 7th – HR Staffing Workbook Entries Completed/Last Day for Facility SWB Input Feb 12th – Facility Priority Placement Tool Feb 13th – NCEPT Data Executed Feb 14th – HR Resume Upload Begins Feb 20th – HR Resume Upload Complete Feb...
  17. Super Salt

    February 2019

    ERR Submission Deadline: 1/11/19 NCEPT Panel Date: 2/12/19 CANCELLED BY SHUTDOWN
  18. Usm4r1n3

    Possible Proposal for Placement

    Hello All, Thinking about a proposal for NATCA. Post your thoughts/ criticisms. Sign a contract with the ATM and it gets put in your file stating that after 5 years of service to your current facility you are either guaranteed placement or top priority to your facility of preference. (Maybe a...
  19. MJ

    Facility Priority and Vacancy list

    MJ submitted a new resource: Facility Priority and Vacancy list - FAA facility vacancies, NCEPT priority and status Read more about this resource...
  20. MJ

    ERR Removals

    Because of the potential effects on others, removal of ERR paperwork is highly encouraged for facilities where an individual is not willing to accept an offer to. Additionally, when someone declines an offer, that information is entered into a database, which has potential negative effects in...
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