1. Robert_Boucher

    Medical Experience with Medical Retirement

    So I was recently approved for FERS Disability retirement and I figured I would post my experience with the process for others that may go through this. The entire process can be done while you are on A45 time, but obviously there's no promise of that being available. From the time I was...
  2. T

    FERS Pension Annuity Calculator

    Hey everyone I didn't see a tool for this anywhere, so I made a quick and dirty calculator for FERS pension annuities. Does not include social security supplements. Just fill in green boxes with appropriate values. Features: Ability to compare 2 different retirement parameter datasets side by...
  3. squawkIFR

    Retiring from FAA and National guard.

    I have been in the FAA for 2 years now and I am in the process of buying back my military time from when I was active duty Air Force for 6 years. When I separated from active duty I joined the Air National Guard and have been in for 2 years. From what I’ve read you can’t have years count towards...
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