1. K

    Declining an FOL and reapply

    If I decline a FOL how likely am I to get rehired for another bid? Are previous experience bids posted at regular intervals?
  2. FreeHatMcCullough

    Received TOL for FSS while waiting for FOL for ATC

    Are there any downsides to accepting a TOL for a FSS while I'm waiting for FOL for ATC? I've done everything in the CIL and I'm just waiting for the Flight Surgeon to review my case. I'd like to view FSS as a nice back-up but I'm not sure if it's necessary or would complicate my hiring process...
  3. W

    Contacting Flight Surgeon

    I am only waiting on my medical to be approved before I get my FOL. The medical department tells me I do not need any further evaluation on the MMPI - which is a huge relief. Now I have a specific time sensitive problem coming up. I am a teacher right now and my contract due date is coming at...
  4. W

    Can anyone share the timeline between getting the TOL up to getting the FOL?

    My timeline so far: July, 2018 - Applied on as an OTS candidate. November, 2018 - Took AT-SA and received referred status February 26, 2019 - Received TOL February 28, 2019 - Received CIL March 11 - submitted fingerprints and filled in e-qip info for my background check. March 12 -...
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