Can anyone share the timeline between getting the TOL up to getting the FOL?


My timeline so far:

July, 2018 - Applied on as an OTS candidate.
November, 2018 - Took AT-SA and received referred status
February 26, 2019 - Received TOL
February 28, 2019 - Received CIL
March 11 - submitted fingerprints and filled in e-qip info for my background check.
March 12 - MMPI-2
March 15 - Physical and drug test

??? - FOL

I know the whole "hurry up and wait" motto. But I found it strange that I received my TOL and CIL within two days of each other because I haven't read about that ever happening so quickly. I officially finished all of my CIL paperwork and now it's just waiting for that FOL. Assuming there are no snags.

I am only asking because I am currently a full time public school teacher. I'm not gong to put in my resignation until I get the FOL but I would really like to have some peace of mind on when I can expect an FOL. My HR rep is telling me I can get the FOL up to 2 to 3 months after my physical and even then some clear more quickly. I have read so many horror stories of people waiting up to a year between CIL and FOL. What I really don't want to happen is to get my FOL in August or in the middle of the 2019 - 2020 school year. I don't want to quit my job in the middle of the year because there are so many people counting on me.

Can anyone share their hiring process timeline? It would be perfect if I get the FOL between April and June but the realist in me is thinking it's not going to be so perfect.

Thank You!


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All of the standard sayings apply.

"Hurry up and wait."

"Just live your life."


I'm guilty of falling into these pits as well, but I'd say you're looking at at least another two months at minimum. You do have the option of calling your various POCs to see if they've cleared you. The only thing that might be in right now would be a conditional security; your medical probably isn't even on the desk of the flight surgeon yet.

MMPI-2s up to February 21st or 22nd (I don't recall which), only got to aviation medical last week. If you get Tier 2 from your MMPI it's going to be a long while, from everything I've heard.

It's such a crapshoot, just do yo' thang.


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ZTL Atlanta Center
Medical and Drug Test:3/26/18
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ZAU Chicago Center
  • MMPI-2 Scheduled 2/2/18 for 2/7/18
  • Security Clearance Submitted 2/13/18
  • Medical Exam 2/26/18
  • Drug Test 2/27/18
  • Class Date 5/2/18


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29 days exactly from TOL to FOL for me. A guy in my class was nearly 2.5 years between them. Expect to be somewhere between those two.


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What was the long gap for after you were medically cleared?
Internal holdups at the flight surgeon's office... I heard that priority shifted to OTS hires in September for a bit to fill class seats. I am in the Northwest Mountain region. Rumor is that they tend to be slower than some other regions.


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29 days exactly from TOL to FOL for me. A guy in my class was nearly 2.5 years between them. Expect to be somewhere between those two.
Yeah, this is pretty much it. I got my TOL Feb 14 and had my FOL March 28th. Guy in my class got to OKC 2 years after he applied.