1. R

    Medical Medical Retirement for Depression

    I'm currently a developmental at a level 9 up down facility, I've completed tower and working on my second of three positions in the radar scope. I've recently began having really bad bouts of depression and anxiety. Obviously I'd love to keep off medication as long as I can but it's inching...
  2. T

    FERS Pension Annuity Calculator

    Hey everyone I didn't see a tool for this anywhere, so I made a quick and dirty calculator for FERS pension annuities. Does not include social security supplements. Just fill in green boxes with appropriate values. Features: Ability to compare 2 different retirement parameter datasets side by...
  3. squawkIFR

    Retiring from FAA and National guard.

    I have been in the FAA for 2 years now and I am in the process of buying back my military time from when I was active duty Air Force for 6 years. When I separated from active duty I joined the Air National Guard and have been in for 2 years. From what I’ve read you can’t have years count towards...
  4. K

    Retirement CARES Act Withdrawal

    IF YOU QUALIFY FOR IT, the CARES Act just gave us a chance at our TSP money that we wouldn't otherwise have until retirement. I withdrew my entire traditional balance to pay taxes on it over the next couple of years and will put it into a Roth IRA. Then when needed, I can still withdraw the...
  5. C

    Retirement Retirement age

    Currently an ATCS, I've been in for 9 years. I will have 25 years at the age of 45 so I'll be "eligible" then. I am considering taking a support specialist position, I'm aware its not "good time" but I am confused on when I would be eligible to retire if I went that route. Would that move my...
  6. U

    Retirement TSP Tips/Tricks

    This is my 3rd year in the agency (25 yrs old) and I currently have tried to put as much as I can into TSP (10%). I currently put 100% into the L2050. Older controllers today have tip that I put more into riskier funds while I'm young like the C. Although there's the tsp website to educate...
  7. R

    Medical Retirement

    Does anyone have any information or know where I can get information on medical retirements?
  8. MJ

    Military Service Credit 2016-05-24

    Information on how to complete the process of buying back credible military time for retirement.
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