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    Developmental Save Pay Question

    I was a D3 at a level 12 facility and withdrew from training. The NEST sent me to a level 6 and I got save pay to the highest D3 pay at the level 6. I checked in today and was told they would be getting upgraded to a 7 in a few months. Would I keep my save pay from the level 12 and move up to...
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    Save pay question

    if I went from a level 12 cpc to level 6 sup position what kind of save pay would I be looking at?
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    FLM Waiver Time Frame Questions

    Does anyone know how long it usually takes to find out if you waiver is approved/denied? I got selected for a FLM job at my dream location, but I can't leave because my facility is 1% below the required numbers. The manager at the facility I bid told me he submitted a waiver so I am trying to...
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