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Save pay question

Discussion in 'General' started by The Dude, Nov 8, 2017.

  1. The Dude

    The Dude FNG

    if I went from a level 12 cpc to level 6 sup position what kind of save pay would I be looking at?
  2. Omegahare

    Omegahare Certified

    Probably the top of the 6 sup band. MSS2. I could be wrong.
  3. Stinger

    Stinger Certified

    You would keep your pay for 3 years under Career Enhancement.
    After 3 years, you'd drop to the top of the MSS2 pay band.
    Career Enhancement is 4 levels or more down. Career Progression is no more than 3 levels down.

    That's my understanding of it.

  4. Uscolt45

    Uscolt45 Certified

    You might have to change your username after a move like that.....
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  5. The Dude

    The Dude FNG

    Oh I assure you this is a throwaway name just for this post lol
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  6. Stinger

    Stinger Certified

    If that move gets you where you want, go for it.
  7. DowntownTG

    DowntownTG Developmental

    We had a supe come here to a 6 from a 12 CPC. Same as listed above; he would save pay for 3-years and then go down to the top of the band. Luckily for him he was able to transfer back out to a 12 as a controller prior to the 3-year mark so his pay won't go down. Transferring out back to a controller from a supe seemed to be rather difficult but he got it done. It would have been easier to transfer back out to a 12 supe though.
  8. Dolan

    Dolan Certified

    Right, because going from a supe to a controller is a demotion, which introduces a bit of awkwardness
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  9. DowntownTG

    DowntownTG Developmental

    Right, also all your seniority gets wiped out and you start all over after the demotion if it was a permanent supe bid.
  10. The Dude

    The Dude FNG

    Yeah it's the getting back out that has me worried. I don't want a career in management but if it's the only way out of my current location it might be worth it
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  11. breakaway2000

    breakaway2000 Moderator Staff Member

    Pre-NCEPT? or did he get selected on a N90/C90/A80/LAX bid?
  12. The Dude

    The Dude FNG

    ^this I am wondering as well.
  13. DowntownTG

    DowntownTG Developmental

    Post and no.
  14. GulfBravoPapa

    GulfBravoPapa Certified

    I heard a rumour at work this week that for supervisors they changed the save pay rules from three years to five years. Any idea if these is true? Also if it applies to controller moves as well?
  15. that1guy

    that1guy Chow Runner

    i hear 5 years as well
  16. Bravo Delta

    Bravo Delta Developmental

    It's three years, they can request an extention up to 5 years total. From my understands they have just rubber stamped approved.

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