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After graduating and being assigned to a facility, am I required to go to the facility?

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Your intital post says "...if I get assigned somewhere (aka Nebraska just as an example)..." and "...(Florida guy here lol)..." but no mention of aging grandparents. When there's criticism you conveniently add that part which looked like an afterthought and it really just reeks of entitlement insofar as you're willing or would be willing to walk away from this career because you deserve Florida or anything other than Nebraska. Seems legit.
Wow, Sorry I wasn’t aware I had to divulge everything about my situation to random guys on the internet. Who hurt you man.

I thought it was fairly easy to cpc and transfer out on the terminal side? Just grit your teeth for a year and a half. No?
Yes and I’m completely willing to certify wherever and then transfer. That’s not the issue. It’s the fact of whether I’ll actually get out of whatever facility I’m in lol


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You may be at any facility for 5 or more years before you even have a chance to leave and florida will always be hard to get to. Just withdraw now and dont waste peoples time training to you. Especially the trainers that sit there for years training people trying to get back home to their family and watch fresh cpcs drop their paperwork the day they certify.
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