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ATCcases - Custom headset cases

Air Traffic Control Headset Cases by ATCcases

I was brought to my OCD breaking point with how my coworkers labeled their headsets so I came up with this design.


ATCcases was created by a husband and wife team of air traffic controllers located in Tampa, FL.


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I got one a few weeks ago, it was delivered super fast and its very sturdy, and looks good. If he can do emblems I will be getting a second for sure.
I wonder if they do emblems or just initials. Thanks for the link.

Hi guys. I'm busy training at my new facility so I don't have much time to check forums and such. I'll try to keep checking in here more often.

So to answer this question. Yes and no. There's a few things to consider. If the logo is copyright then technically I'm not allowed to make it without permission. I've done some simple logos and they came out fine. If the design is really detailed then the details get lost. The 3D printer resolution is about 1mm. The enroute case letters are about as small as I can go. I've been sending them out with a clear layer of vinyl over top to help the letters last longer. All the letters are vinyl applied over top of raised letters. So if they ever wear too much you could peel the rest off and just have a case with raised letters or you can order new letters from the shop.

For more about logos. I get the request a lot. When things are slow and I think I've got time to mess with it I'll give it a try and get back to you. I don't have a added fee for the extra design work. I don't make much on these cases. I do it mainly as a fun thing. Most take me ten min of design work for just the letters but a logo can be an hour or more. Then another hour on the vinyl cutter and often times I've found people don't like what I can do which means all that time was for nothing.

I do prefer if people just keep these simple for now. I have tons of colors to choose from and if you want a different color I can try to find it.

Hopefully by the end of the year I will have more options for logos or custom drawings/pictures. I'm expecting a laser engraver/cutter in a few months. This new machine should open up a lot more materials to work with. I might even get a new 3D printer that can do multiple colors. A friend is testing out it now and if it looks like it can help me then I'll get one and see what I can do.

If you guys need a quick response from me message me on Etsy or through Facebook.

I have not had a customer not happy with their case. A few early on cracked or were crushed in shipping but I have replaced every single one. These cases are fun and if you're the first to order at your facility you will get comments and questions about it. Keep in mind we do discounts with big orders. We love knowing there's facilities out there fully equipped with our work.

ATCcases now offers a bifold wallet with your custom airspace on it. The headset cases have been a hit. Over 800 have been sent out around the USA and as far as Korea. Everyone loves them but this wallet is a special treat for all of us.

It has been in the planing stages for some time and I finally have the process figured out. To ensure I’ve got the process down I’m offering just 5 at a 50% discount.

The wallet is made from 2 once Veg tanned leather. They are slim with enough room to hold a ton of cards and bills without getting too bulky. The seams are saddle stitched. No machine can saddle stitch and it is the strongest method of sewing leather. I use top of the line Tiger Thread from Germany and hand stitch these myself, ensuring the best stitch pattern.

When an order comes in I carefully edit the map in photoshop for the best look once etched onto leather. I then send the file to the 40W CO2 laser cutter which etches the image and cuts the wallet, including the stitch holes. This ensures consistency and a long lasting image. The map is actually burned into the leather.

You can choose from 4 different stains. I will then stain the wallet and sew it together before mailing it to you.

This is not like your store bought wallet. This wallet will last so much longer. It will even pick up a patina as it ages and gain a character of its own. No two wallets will be the same. Go ahead, check them out. These first few wallets won’t last long. I promise you will love what you get.

Stop into the Etsy shop at:


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Following up from last year's post, were you able to produce emblems on the covers?

Thanks, and the wallets look awesome.
are we able to order one of these? they are pretty sweet.

Yes. In fact, I saw this post and ended up ordering one for myself. It works really well and I love the glow in the dark option. I got my operating initials on it- pretty nifty.
I got one a couple years ago. Nothing crazy, just my initials but it’s great for picking out your headset from the tangled mass.
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