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Comrade Commissar
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NATCA Brothers & Sisters,

It’s time for a choice.

My name is Dave Riley from Denver Tower and I have accepted the nomination for NATCA Executive Vice President.
I have spent 20-years representing the men and women of our Union in one capacity or another. I have served as Facility Representative at Prescott Tower, Phoenix TRACON, Denver TRACON, and Denver Tower. I’ve also served as the Northwest Mountain Alternate Regional Vice President, as a longtime member of the NATCA National Finance Committee for two different regions, as an instructor to Basic Facility Rep Training, long time Legislative Activist, NATCA Lead on a national technological workgroup, and as a delegate to numerous National Conventions. Many members have expressed to me that they are concerned about the current course of our Union and the long-lasting effects that it may have to their careers. It appears that dissent and differing perspectives are frowned upon and member opinions have been minimized and/or completely ignored.

For nine years, we have had unopposed elections for the top two positions of our Union.
During the San Diego convention, the delegates debated for some time about an amendment regarding Term Limits. The common answer to term limits was, “we already have term limits, they’re called elections”. This response to the subject of term limits was prevalent then and continues into this election season. However, term limits only work if we have the courage to give the membership a choice, even with the possibility of personal risk to one’s own future with NATCA due to possible retaliation. This culture of fear and intimidation against any dissent is why many members are concerned about their future. If leadership were to choose a path which isn’t supported by the membership, who will have the courage to stand up?
Here is your chance for a new choice.

Here are some of the goals that I will be seeking during the next term as Executive Vice President:

  • Return checks and balances to the leadership of our Union
  • Increase financial responsibility, transparency and accountability
  • Provide support and guidance to the Regional Vice-Presidents
  • Constitutional Accountability
  • Pursue Corporate Excellence with our National Office and Staff
  • Broadened communication of decisions
While it has always been a consideration, I had no intent in running this election until I was approached by a group of members outside of my region to consider being a candidate. They are unhappy with what they have seen and experienced while involved in the Union at even some of the highest levels.
We need to listen to different ideas and perspectives. We need to explore all possible solutions. We need to represent those members in the field not just the select few closest to us.
You have a choice.
I am asking for your support and your vote.

In unity and solidarity,

Dave Riley
Denver Tower

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Dave Riley for NATCA EVP (Facebook)

Dave Riley for NATCA EVP (Website)
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Very early in my FAA career, I witnessed a confrontation between a controller, our FacRep at the time, and a supervisor that taught me not only why I should be a NATCA member, but also how I should strive to become a more engaged part of NATCA.
I became involved with the Local and began learning everything I could about NATCA. In no time, I was elected Local Vice President then shortly thereafter President. Through study of the contract, networking with more senior FacReps, and a lot of “baptism by fire”, I learned to truly believe in our great Union and everything it stands for. I am NATCA.

Who is Dave Riley?
Graduated Denver Lutheran High School Class of 1987
United States Marine Corps 1987-1996
  • Recruit Training MCRD San Diego, CA
  • ATC School NAS Memphis, TN
Stationed with:
  • MATCS-38 Det C Camp Pendleton, CA 1988-92
  • Deployed to Desert Shield / Desert Storm 1990-91
  • MCAS Yuma, AZ
  • Prescott ATCT 1997-2002
  • Phoenix TRACON 2002-2005
  • Denver TRACON 2005-2014
  • Denver ATCT 2014 – Present
  • Local PRC President/FacRep & Vice President
  • Local P50 President/FacRep, Secretary, and Treasurer
  • Local D01 President/FacRep, Vice President, and Treasurer
  • Local DEN President/FacRep & Vice President
Western Pacific Region:
  • National Finance Committee, Regional Finance Chairman 2002-2005
  • National Finance Committee, Committee Secretary 2002-2005
  • Chairman Anaheim 2008 Convention Planning Committee 2004
NATCA Northwest Mountain Region:
  • Alternate Regional Vice President 2007-2009
  • NATCA Lead Special Activity Airspace National Technical Workgroup 2008-2009
  • Chairman Denver 2012 Planning Committee 2007-2011
  • Regional Hardship Lead 2008-2016
  • Regional Finance Chairman 2013-2016
NATCA Training:
  • Basic FacRep Training
  • NATCA & DoL OWCP Training
  • Basic Arbitration
  • Advanced Arbitration
  • Instructor Basic FacRep Training
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I know Dave personally. He is a great guy and is always willing to lend a hand, especially to the newer members of NATCA or those just getting involved. He was formally a vocal supporter of the AIRR Act, but has since backed off after discovering the methods employed to sell it to the membership. Though I don't think he has fully changed his position, I firmly believe that he is always willing to hear a different opinion from his own. He accepts opposing viewpoints, as him and I have disagreed on a few issues over the years. He has always been happy to have a productive conversation as to why you feel the way you do, and always lets you speak your mind without fear of judgement or retaliation. We are both able to come away from our conversations understanding a little more about each other's viewpoint. He has been nothing but open and honest with me since I got involved and has kind of taken me under his wing to ensure I had everything I needed to succeed.
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