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POU Poughkeepsie Tower
I was curious if I bid an FLM job and get it, can I go back to the floor whenever I want? - Or what is the process behind getting back to the floor? Thanks!
It's not whenever you want, but you can definitely make the request and I'm sure it'd be approved.
I know a supervisor (couple years before ncept started) that put in an ERR to another tower and was selected as a controller.
There’s a controller that I know who had to get a congressman involved in bringing him back to the floor. It was at the same facility He didn’t want to be a Sup anymore and management wouldn’t let him. They were also, at the time, shorter staffed.
It's considered a demotion, your seniority is set to the day you come back to the bargaining unit but it can be done
If it's a permanent FLM position.
If it's temporary you only lose the time spent as a supervisor.

True, I was interpreting the question as a permanent flm position. My understanding is that you also lose your raise and your pay is reset as if you had never left the bargaining unit.
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