Holiday Giveaways!


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For the future controllers...
Continuing the tradition from last year, I'll be giving away access to the study guides here to two winners. The entry can be submitted on pointSixtyFive facebook page under the giveaways tab, or by using this link. Entries will be accepted until midnight eastern on the 27th. Winners will be able to choose either the terminal or basics guide.

For current controllers...
Thanks to @Twofieros we have something for the controllers. ATCcases will giveaway one of their new Sectional Chart Badge Holders pictured below. This one is only open to current FAA controllers, and the winner will have to verify. This one can be entered here Giveaway | Rafflecopter :) and will accept entries until midnight eastern on the 30th.

ATCcases Sectional Badge Holder
56434206634__6BDA8B84-8113-48EA-B209-08CC98477180.png 56434208914__86CD7F02-A546-408D-A390-19276CE361AF.png badge holder.jpg

...and one last thing for everyone. is giving 10% of your entire order until January 15th for pointSixtyFive users. Check here for the promo code, and be sure to say thanks in the in the order form comments.

Thanks to Thom and Tim for helping, and happy holidays to everyone.
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