Medical Cert Scheduling


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Question: Are we responsible for scheduling our own medical certification and if so, how did you go about setting it up? I was under the impression that we must use an AME but have been told that AME must be located CONUS but we have AME's internationally that could conduct the exam do we not?
Do you have your CIL? It explains everything you need to do.
someone on stuck mic claims to have gotten an EODS form and a AT basics election form today.
They were also part of the first TOL wave on 12/27
Its a bunch of pre employment docs, and the AT basics election form lets them know if you wish to skip basics, whicb you can do if you meet the requiement.
I don't know where you are but all my friends who working contract in the ME had to come back to the US to do their medical/drug test etc
Update: I do have a CIL. Everything must be done stateside, even though they have AME's overseas.
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