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nope. there's stock online regularly but its still marked up 2x+
nowinstock.net is pretty good if you're able to snipe stuff quickly; I was able to get 4 PS5s using it. Also there are several stock tracking livestreams on YouTube that are decent as well. YMMV with price though; initial MSRP for all the GPUs are dead ever since the tariff kicked in a year ago.


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I just bought a Synology NAS that I will be partially using as a Plex Server. I have over 1000 Blu-Rays and DVDs I want to start backing up digitally so my 6.5tb worth of storage on my PC just won't cut it. How do you like Plex so far? Any tutorial videos or links you recommend for torrents and everything else?
Honestly I love it, I would just make sure you have the proper raid set up for you. Some people like to have it set up for max storage, others like having backups incase of drive failure. I have mine set up as a JBOD, no redundancy. I just download the media, and have my files seperated into folders for tv shows / movies / other (for family videos/skydiving/mtn biking/concerts/etc). Makes it super easy, but due to my internet speed I dont have remote access outside of the house, so that makes it easier.
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