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Funny story bout PUBG...

Played w/ a buddy from work who was pretty new at any type of shooter on PC. Play a few match together, get wrecked -- I expected it. On one specific low vis map I'm telling him in team voip that there's a team ahead of us. He says "that them 12 o'clock?" As he finished the sentence the team turned around and started firing at us. I killed them and thought that was odd, they must of been looking over there shoulder. Nearly right after I killed that team, we start getting shot at from behind. We duck into this warehouse with two entrances. I told him to watch one door while I healed. He says "I'll watch the door to the east" -- that happened to be the door I was watching so I just turned around and started walking to the west door as a team came in shooting at me. Somehow, we managed to kill that duo when another team pops in from the west door and kills us both. I kept thinking "fuck man, we're super unlucky. All these dudes keep flanking us somehow."

Then the team runs up to loot our bodies and one of the guys says in all voip "hey dude, you should probably only use team voip hehehe"... It fucken dawned on me then, my teammate had been talking in ALL VOIP and relaying everything we were talking about for like 4 matches...