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As I'm sure most are aware by now, the service hosting the site began having issues a little over a week ago. It's resulted in the server becoming nearly or completely unreachable, with the only solution being to restart the server. Their support people have been virtually useless, as you can tell since the same problems continue to exist. Their suggestion to prevent their server from dying repeatedly was to block traffic to the site. :mad:

Needless to say, they won't be hosting much longer. The process to transfer everything started a couple days ago, but can take a week or so, if everything goes smoothly. So hopefully in the next few days everything will be back to normal. There will need to be downtime to complete the transfer, but I don't have times when yet.

As I'm writing this I just got a notification of needing to take the site offline in order to complete a portion of the process. So sometime today the site will be down for an extended period.

Just wanted to provide an update and let everyone know what's going on.
Site's being hosted on a new server now, and everything seems to be up and running. There may be connection issues for the next couple hours or so while the new address propagates the net, but If you run into any site errors please post.

Should also note, anything done after the site went read only was nuked. I thought it restricted everything, but apparently PMs/chats/etc. were still allowed.

EDIT: Sending email via the contact form wont work right now. Any email address associated with the site can't receive new messages just yet.
Also, search function isn't working at the moment.
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Email server has been changed over and is online. If there's any problems getting emails from the site, please reach out.
There's one issue I'm aware of, its minor and most people probably wont notice. In the past if you included www in the url, it was (correctly) removed. New server is refusing to honor that rule for some reason. and are technically two different sites. there shouldn't be any data loss if you use one vs the other, but they can't see each others login credentials. I'm not sure if any links will break, but if you notice any missing page requests, check to make sure there's no www in the url bar.

Edit: I think this is sorted out now.
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