The woeful unpreparedness of Management


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And what punishment is expected as a result of this?

(Asking for someone that isn’t me)


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Brothers and Sisters,

Since our last update, we have learned that several more FAA employees have tested positive for COVID-19. Some of the positive cases have been employees on leave or teleworking, so they have not exposed others. Some, however, have interacted with co-workers requiring the facilities to be disinfected and for employees to receive medical evaluations and be subject to quarantines, as appropriate.

To further ensure the health and safety of all employees, while also providing an appropriate level of service to the NAS, each facility is collaboratively working to determine the minimum staffing required for one twenty-four hour period per area of operation. NATCA local leadership and local management are building new schedules based on this minimum staffing under a framework that ensures maximum compliance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) social distancing practices while also supporting the mission of the Agency. These schedules are expected to be implemented as quickly as possible.

Many members have self-identified as being in higher risk categories for severe illness. The Regional Flight Surgeons (RFS) have made some initial determinations that employee conditions, in certain cases, do not rise to the level of being at higher risk. If you have had the RFS render an initial determination that you are not in a higher risk category, we need you to contact your RVP. Your RVP will direct you to NATCA’s benefit partner, Aviation Medicine Advisory Service (AMAS). AMAS clinical staff will assist with review of the RFS’s initial determination and develop a course of action, if appropriate.

Many of you have children who are at home who need educational activities to keep them busy. NATCA has had a long-standing relationship with the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, which has developed two portals appropriate for students to teach them about aviation and other STEM topics.

Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum Online Resources

The National Air and Space Museum is working hard to help entertain, educate, and inspire people who are staying at home during the current situation by bringing the best of our museum to you anywhere/anytime. Last week we launched two portals – Air and Space Anywhere, and K-12 Learning Resources on our Learn webpage – inviting everyone to explore our myriad of digital resources.

Air and Space Anywhere features some of our most popular programs like our STEM in 30 video series and our AirSpace podcast. The Learn page, for K-12 students, their teachers, parents and anyone with an interest in air and space, covers seven topics – Flight, Space, Life Sciences, Careers, Physical Science, Planetary Sciences and Engineering & Technology.

There are hundreds of videos, activities and amazing stories to dive into, binge on, and share. So, join the thousands who have already visited and discover the wonders of Air and Space.

NATCA is doing everything we can to protect your health at work and improve your working conditions during this pandemic. Please be patient with us as we continue to maneuver through this unprecedented crisis. We thank you all for your commitment and dedication to each other and to the system. The American people count on you to get critical supplies and people to where they need to be.

As always, any member can directly contact their regional leadership at the email below with any questions regarding COVID-19 related issues. Someone will respond and provide an answer as quickly as possible.

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New England
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Region X

In solidarity,

NATCA National Executive Board​


I ♥ pointSixtyFive
One person is already annoyed (or upset) that they can’t trade single days. Otherwise I think the consensus tonight has been its a good thing that should’ve happened sooner. I think we all still have some questions about it, but the reaction has been fairly subdued


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What happens if a facility doesn't have enough staffing to implement 5 on, 10 off? Two crews with 5 on 5 off? Allowing people to stay on for more than 2 hours as this is hardly a normal operation? Combining positions that the SOP doesn't normally allow for combining?

Are supes also going to be assigned to a "crew"? If not, it defeats the purpose of having rotating crews because through the supe, everybody is still going to be exposed to everybody.