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  • 2-1-16. SURFACE AREAS

    1. Coordinate with the appropriate nonapproach control tower on an individual aircraft basis before issuing a clearance which would require flight within a surface area for which the tower has responsibility unless otherwise specified in a letter of agreement.
      • FAA Order JO 7210.3, Para 4-3-1, Letters of Agreement.
      • 14 CFR Section 91.127, Operating on or in the Vicinity of an Airport in Class E Airspace.
      • P/CG Term - Surface Area.
    2. Coordinate with the appropriate control tower for transit authorization when you are providing radar traffic advisory service to an aircraft that will enter another facility's airspace.

      NOTE: The pilot is not expected to obtain his/her own authorization through each area when in contact with a radar facility.

    3. Transfer communications to the appropriate facility, if required, prior to operation within a surface area for which the tower has responsibility.
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