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    1. Apply wake turbulence procedures to an aircraft operating behind another aircraft when wake turbulence separation is required.

      NOTE: Para 5-5-4, Minima, subparagraphs g and h specify the required radar wake turbulence separations. Time-based separations are contained in Para 3-9-6, Same Runway Separation, Para 3-9-7, Wake Turbulence Separation for Intersection Departures, Para 3-9-8, Intersecting Runway Separation, Para 3-9-9, Nonintersecting Converging Runway Operations, Para 3-10-3, Same Runway Separation, Para 3-10-4, Intersecting Runway Separation, Para 6-1-4, Adjacent Airport Operation, Para 6-1-5, Arrival Minima, and Para 6-7-5, Interval Minima.

    2. The separation minima must continue to touchdown for all IFR aircraft not making a visual approach or maintaining visual separation.
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