2-3-1. GENERAL

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  • 2-3-1. GENERAL

    Unless otherwise authorized in a facility directive, use flight progress strips to post current data on air traffic and clearances required for control and other air traffic control services. To prevent misinterpretation when data is hand printed, use standard hand-printed characters.

    En route: Flight progress strips must be posted.

    • FAA Order JO 7210.3, Para 6-1-6, Flight Progress Strip Usage.
    1. Maintain only necessary current data and remove the strips from the flight progress boards when no longer required for control purposes. To correct, update, or preplan information:
      1. Do not erase or overwrite any item. Use an “X” to delete a climb/descend and maintain arrow, an at or above/below symbol, a cruise symbol, and unwanted altitude information. Write the new altitude information immediately adjacent to it and within the same space.
      2. Do not draw a horizontal line through an altitude being vacated until after the aircraft has reported or is observed (valid Mode C) leaving the altitude.
      3. Preplanning may be accomplished in red pencil.
    2. Manually prepared strips must conform to the format of machine-generated strips and manual strip preparation procedures will be modified simultaneously with the operational implementation of changes in the machine-generated format. (See FIG 2-3-1.)
    3. Altitude information may be written in thousands of feet provided the procedure is authorized by the facility manager, and is defined in a facility directive, i.e. 5,000 feet as 5, and 2,800 as 2.8.

      NOTE: A slant line crossing through the number zero and underline of the letter “s” on handwritten portions of flight progress strips are required only when there is reason to believe the lack of these markings could lead to misunderstanding. A slant line crossing through the number zero is required on all weather data.

    Fig 2-3-1 Standard Recording of Hand-printed Characters
    Typed Hand Printed Typed Hand Printed
    A A T T
    B B U U
    C C V V
    D D W W
    E E X X
    F F Y Y
    G G Z Z
    H H    
    I I 1 1
    J J 2 2
    K K 3 3
    L L 4 4
    M M 5 5
    N N 6 6
    O O 7 7
    P P 8 8
    Q Q 9 9
    R R 0 0
    S S    
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