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    Transmissions may be abbreviated as follows:

    1. Use the identification prefix and the last 3 digits or letters of the aircraft identification after communications have been established with a U.S. civil aircraft using the aircraft registration as identification.
    2. Do not abbreviate:
      1. Similar sounding aircraft identifications.
      2. Aircraft call signs, including:
        1. (a) Aircraft having an International Civil Aviation Organization three letter designator (ICAO 3LD) and other aircraft with an FAA authorized call sign (U.S. special or local).
        2. (b) Aircraft with a military call sign.
      3. Foreign aircraft using the foreign civil registration number as identification.
    3. Omit the facility identification after communication has been established.
    4. Transmit the message immediately after the callup (without waiting for the aircraft's reply) when the message is short and receipt is generally assured.
    5. Omit the word “over” if the message obviously requires a reply.
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