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    The local controller has primary responsibility for operations conducted on the active runway and must control the use of those runways. Positive coordination and control is required as follows:

    NOTE: Exceptions may be authorized only as provided in para 1-1-11, Constraints Governing Supplements and Procedural Deviations, and FAA Order JO 7210.3, Facility Operation and Administration, para 10-1-7, Use of Active Runways, where justified by extraordinary circumstances at specific locations.

    1. Ground control must obtain approval from local control before authorizing an aircraft or a vehicle to cross or use any portion of an active runway. The coordination must include the point/intersection at the runway where the operation will occur.
      • CROSS (runway) AT (point/intersection).
    2. When the local controller authorizes another controller to cross an active runway, the local controller must verbally specify the runway to be crossed and the point/intersection at the runway where the operation will occur preceded by the word “cross.”
      • CROSS (runway) AT (point/intersection).
    3. The ground controller must advise the local controller when the coordinated runway operation is complete. This may be accomplished verbally or through visual aids as specified by a facility directive.
    4. USA/USAF/USN NOT APPLICABLE. Authorization for aircraft/vehicles to taxi/proceed on or along an active runway, for purposes other than crossing, must be provided via direct communications on the appropriate local control frequency. This authorization may be provided on the ground control frequency after coordination with local control is completed for those operations specifically described in a facility directive.

      NOTE: The USA, USAF, and USN establish local operating procedures in accordance with, respectively, USA, USAF, and USN directives.

    5. The local controller must coordinate with the ground controller before using a runway not previously designated as active.
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