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    Issue airport condition information necessary for an aircraft's safe operation in time for it to be useful to the pilot. Include the following, as appropriate:

    1. Construction work on or immediately adjacent to the movement area.
    2. Rough portions of the movement area.
    3. Braking conditions caused by ice, snow, slush, or water.
    4. Snowdrifts or piles of snow on or along the edges of the area and the extent of any plowed area.
    5. Parked aircraft on the movement area.
    6. Irregular operation of part or all of the airport lighting system.
    7. Volcanic ash on any airport surface area and whether the ash is wet or dry (if known).

      NOTE: Braking action on wet ash may be degraded. Dry ash on the runway may necessitate minimum use of reverse thrust.

    8. Other pertinent airport conditions.
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