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  • 3-10-9. RUNWAY EXITING

    1. Instruct aircraft where to turn-off the runway after landing, when appropriate, and advise the aircraft to hold short of a runway or taxiway if required for traffic.
      • TURN LEFT/RIGHT (taxiway/runway), or
      • IF ABLE, TURN LEFT/RIGHT (taxiway/runway)
      • and if required
      • HOLD SHORT OF (runway).

      NOTE: Runway exiting or taxi instructions should not normally be issued to an aircraft prior to, or immediately after, touchdown.

    2. Taxi instructions must be provided to the aircraft by the local controller when:
      1. Compliance with ATC instructions will be required before the aircraft can change to ground control, or
      2. The aircraft will be required to enter an active runway in order to taxi clear of the landing runway.
      • EXAMPLE
      • “U.S. Air Ten Forty Two, turn right next taxiway, cross runway two one, contact ground point seven.”
      • “U.S. Air Ten Forty Two, turn right on Alfa/next taxiway, cross Bravo, hold short of Charlie, contact ground point seven.”
      • NOTE:
      • 1. An aircraft is expected to taxi clear of the runway unless otherwise directed by ATC. Pilots must not exit the landing runway on to an intersecting runway unless authorized by ATC. In the absence of ATC instructions, an aircraft should taxi clear of the landing runway by clearing the hold position marking associated with the landing runway even if that requires the aircraft to protrude into or enter another taxiway/ramp area. This does not authorize an aircraft to cross a subsequent taxiway or ramp after clearing the landing runway.
      • 2. The pilot is responsible for ascertaining when the aircraft is clear of the runway by clearing the runway holding position marking associated with the landing runway.
    3. Ground control and local control must protect a taxiway/runway/ramp intersection if an aircraft is required to enter that intersection to clear the landing runway.
      • FAA Order JO 7210.3, Para 10-1-7, Use of Active Runways.
    4. Request a read back of runway hold short instructions when not received from the pilot.
      • EXAMPLE
      • “American Four Ninety-two, turn left at Taxiway Charlie, hold short of Runway 27 Right.”
      • or
      • “American Four Ninety-two, turn left at Charlie, hold short of Runway 27 Right.”
      • “American Four Ninety Two, Roger.”
      • “American Four Ninety-two, read back hold instructions.”

      NOTE: Read back hold instructions phraseology may be initiated for any point on a movement area when the controller believes the read back is necessary.

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