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    1. Refer all EA activity requests to the appropriate center supervisor.
      • FAA Order JO 7610.4, Chapter 2, Section 7, Electronic Attack (EA) and Testing Coordination.

      NOTE: EA activity can subsequently result in a request to apply EA videos to the radar system which may necessitate the decertification of the narrow band search radar. The Systems Engineer should be consulted concerning the effect of EA on the operational use of the narrow band radar prior to approving/disapproving requests to conduct EA activity.

    2. When EA activity interferes with the operational use of radar:
      1. EN ROUTE. Request the responsible military unit or aircraft, if initial request was received directly from pilot, to suspend the activity.
      2. TERMINAL. Request suspension of the activity through the ARTCC. If immediate cessation of the activity is required, broadcast the request directly to the EA aircraft on the emergency frequency. Notify the ARTCC of direct broadcast as soon as possible.
    3. When previously suspended activity will no longer interfere:
      1. EN ROUTE. Inform the NORAD unit or aircraft that it may be resumed.
      2. TERMINAL. Inform the ARTCC or aircraft that it may be resumed. Obtain approval from the ARTCC prior to broadcasting a resume clearance directly to the aircraft.
    4. In each stop request, include your facility name, type of EA activity (chaff dispensing- “stream”/“burst” or electronic jamming- “buzzer”), radar band affected and, when feasible, expected duration of suspension.
      • BIG PHOTO (identification, if known) (name) CENTER/TOWER/APPROACH CONTROL.
      • To stop EA activity:
      • STOP STREAM/BURST IN AREA (area name) (degree and distance from facility),
      • or
      • STOP BUZZER ON (frequency band or channel).
      • To resume EA activity:
      • or
      • RESUME BUZZER ON (frequency band or channel).
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