5-4-7. POINT OUT

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  • 5-4-7. POINT OUT

    1. The transferring controller must:
      1. Obtain approval before permitting an aircraft to enter the receiving controller's delegated airspace.
        1. (a) EN ROUTE: Automated approval may be utilized in lieu of verbal approval. If the receiving controller takes no action, revert to verbal procedures.
          • NOTE:
          • 1. Use fourth line data for aircraft not on their flight plan route.
          • 2. Where specified in a letter of agreement, some facilities may restrict interfacility automated point outs.
        2. (b) TERMINAL: Automated point out approval may be utilized in lieu of verbal provided the procedures are contained in a facility directive/LOA.
      2. Obtain the receiving controller's approval before making any changes to an aircraft's flight path, altitude, speed, or data block information after the point out has been approved.
      3. Comply with restrictions issued by the receiving controller unless otherwise coordinated.
      4. Be responsible for subsequent radar handoffs and communications transfer, including flight data revisions and coordination, unless otherwise agreed to by the receiving controller or as specified in a LOA.
    2. The receiving controller must:
      1. Ensure that the target position corresponds with the position given by the transferring controller or that there is an association between a computer data block and the target being transferred prior to approving a point out.
      2. Be responsible for separation between point out aircraft and other aircraft for which he/she has separation responsibility.
      3. Issue restrictions necessary to provide separation from other aircraft within his/her area of jurisdiction.
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