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    Controller responsibilities for non-RVSM aircraft operating in RVSM airspace must include but not be limited to the following:

    1. Ensure non-RVSM aircraft are not permitted in RVSM airspace unless they meet the criteria of excepted aircraft and are previously approved by the operations supervisor/CIC.
    2. In addition to those aircraft listed in Chapter 2, Section 1, Paragraph 2-1-29 RVSM Operations in this order, the following aircraft operating within oceanic airspace or transiting to/from oceanic airspace are excepted:
      1. Aircraft being initially delivered to the State of Registry or Operator;
      2. Aircraft that was formerly RVSM approved but has experienced an equipment failure and is being flown to a maintenance facility for repair in order to meet RVSM requirements and/or obtain approval;
      3. Aircraft being utilized for mercy or humanitarian purposes;
      4. Within the Oakland, Anchorage, and Arctic FIR's, an aircraft transporting a spare engine mounted under the wing.
        1. (a) These exceptions are accommodated on a workload or traffic-permitting basis.
        2. (b) All other requirements contained in paragraph 2-1-29 are applicable to this section.
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