1. Q

    Question about EODS

    So I’m filling out the EODS form and one question ask about past convictions. In my case I have one I made a dumb mistake of driving after having a few drinks while I was 21. I’m 26 now and haven’t drinked since was wondering if my mistake is a nail in the coffin or just a speed bump in terms of...
  2. GodHelpMe

    Unsuitability for FAA employment | can I do anything?

    I’m in a rough place mentally knowing that the FAA came to an ultimatum after 3 years fighting to pass the ATSA and finally doing so and moving on just to find out that I’m not suitable for employment. I’ve been debarred from applying for ANY FAA careers until 07/2024. “You did not provide any...
  3. P

    Hiring Bid FAA-ATO-21-ALLSRCE-73599

    Overview Open & closing dates 07/30/2021 to 08/02/2021 Service Excepted Pay scale & grade FG 3 Salary $31,597 to $32,650 per year This salary includes locality pay, which will be applicable while attending the FAA ATC Academy. Appointment type Temporary - Temporary NTE - 13 months Work...
  4. PapaKilo1317

    Military to FAA transition

    Hello, I’m new to the forum! I’m currently a tower only Watch supervisor at MCF looking to separate and get to the greener pastures of the FAA. That being said I have not seen a thread that has outlined everything you can expect trying to get in as a prior experience military controller. I’m...
  5. OscarGolf

    Steps after Ranking your facilities

    Hey guys I just finished ranking my facilities (Alaska #1) but I came across a pretty interesting thought of what are the next steps in the process. From clicking Done on Survey Monkey to plugin for the first time to train at a facility. Any insight on do they pay you to move your stuff or...
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