1. hayashi310

    Academy Skippers

    Hello, all! I have just read this article: College Controller Grads To Skip FAA ATC Academy - AVweb Basically, it states that the FAA will now be hiring new CTI grads direct acceptance into facilities without having to go through Academy at Mike Monroney. They would still have to pass ATSA and...
  2. J

    MMPI TIER 2 and 1st class airmen medical

    I am mmpi tier 2 waiting around on the government. I recently believe I realized my passion is flying. Though I still would strongly consider atc. Will being MMPI tier 2 have any affect on getting another 1st class medical. I have a PPL and 179 hours or so. Would I dare say pulling out of this...
  3. J

    MMPI Tier 2

    Hello, I was notified that I am MMPI tier 2 in mid June and that the process typically takes 12-18 months. Most of the summer I went back and forth clearing up medical items and I believe august 24th I was notified that my case had been forwarded to the tier 2 team. I was curious if anyone who...
  4. CF

    Experienced Bid Opening 1/7/2022

    Haven’t seen anything about this yet. Wanted to post so everyone had a heads up and could get whatever they needed together. https://www.faa.gov/jobs/career_fields/aviation_careers/experienced_controllers/
  5. C

    Pool 1 qualified

    Okay got results I only got qualified (bummer) but I’m a vet in pool 1 with ATC experience what are realistically my chances I’ve heard people say most if not all pool 1 gets a tlo and I’ve also heard I don’t have a snow balls chance in hell
  6. I

    Support Staff positions, and release dates?

    Couple questions about above. Are Support Staff Specialists positions still designated as 2152, and are they available to apply to if you're currently understaffed at your current facility? Recently a position for one opened up at a location Id love to be at, however like most people here my...
  7. P

    Hiring Bid FAA-ATO-21-ALLSRCE-73599

    Overview Open & closing dates 07/30/2021 to 08/02/2021 Service Excepted Pay scale & grade FG 3 Salary $31,597 to $32,650 per year This salary includes locality pay, which will be applicable while attending the FAA ATC Academy. Appointment type Temporary - Temporary NTE - 13 months Work...
  8. MJ


  9. PapaKilo1317

    Military to FAA transition

    Hello, I’m new to the forum! I’m currently a tower only Watch supervisor at MCF looking to separate and get to the greener pastures of the FAA. That being said I have not seen a thread that has outlined everything you can expect trying to get in as a prior experience military controller. I’m...
  10. DisBoi17

    Advice for getting hired into ATC (Pool 1 vs. Vet. vs. Pool 2)

    Hey y'all! So I am a junior in High School and have been researching so much trying to figure out how to get into Air Traffic Controlling. I have read many forums, but many seem to be outdated so I just wanted to reconfirm some of my prior suspicious and ask y'all if Pool 1 or Pool 2 is better...
  11. A

    What's the process?

    Let me start off by saying I am completely new to this, but I am very interested in a career in ATC. I am a 28 year old civilian with no prior military experience. When is the next hiring going to happen? From what I know it will be on USA jobs and I will have to apply through there. Is that...
  12. R

    OTS - Need to schedule ATSA but never received an email!

    Hi all, I applied to the OTS in July and have been checking aviator every week. I noticed the message change saying I qualify for the next step and to contact them. So I called OKC HR and asked what I need to do next only to find out they were supposed to have already sent me an email. I had...
  13. MJ

    New bid rumors

    manager just got back from a district meeting, and he said the word is the bid won't be open until September now
  14. R

    H.R.5292 - Air Traffic Controller Hiring Improvement Act of 2016

    Text - H.R.5292 - 114th Congress (2015-2016): Air Traffic Controller Hiring Improvement Act of 2016 After the demise of H.R. 636 (born from S. 2658) we are presented with H.R. 5292. H.R. 5292 looks to be a direct copy/paste from section 4124 of H.R. 636. The bill has 122 co-sponsors and...
  15. MJ

    Congressional review of staffing hearing

    EDIT: Added Inspector General opening statement and report
  16. MJ

    En route Placement List 10/26/2022

  17. MJ

    Terminal Placement list 10/26/2022

  18. pointSixtyFive

    Previous Experience Hire Placement 6/1/2015

    SOP for the facility placement of those hired under "previous experience" announcements. The military facility level equivalency spreadsheet is attached to the first post in the discussion tab.
  19. pointSixtyFive

    Referral List Selections 5/20/2014

    The process by which the Air Traffic Organization will make tentative selections for Air Traffic Control Specialist-Trainee vacancies from referral lists provided by the Office of Human Resource Management.
  20. MJ

    Discontinued Projected Hiring

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