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    What's the process?

    Let me start off by saying I am completely new to this, but I am very interested in a career in ATC. I am a 28 year old civilian with no prior military experience. When is the next hiring going to happen? From what I know it will be on USA jobs and I will have to apply through there. Is that...
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    OTS - Need to schedule ATSA but never received an email!

    Hi all, I applied to the OTS in July and have been checking aviator every week. I noticed the message change saying I qualify for the next step and to contact them. So I called OKC HR and asked what I need to do next only to find out they were supposed to have already sent me an email. I had...
  3. MJ

    New bid rumors

    manager just got back from a district meeting, and he said the word is the bid won't be open until September now
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    H.R.5292 - Air Traffic Controller Hiring Improvement Act of 2016

    Text - H.R.5292 - 114th Congress (2015-2016): Air Traffic Controller Hiring Improvement Act of 2016 After the demise of H.R. 636 (born from S. 2658) we are presented with H.R. 5292. H.R. 5292 looks to be a direct copy/paste from section 4124 of H.R. 636. The bill has 122 co-sponsors and...
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    Congressional review of staffing hearing

    EDIT: Added Inspector General opening statement and report
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    Enroute Placement List 01/03/21

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    Terminal Placement list 01/03/21

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    Previous Experience Hire Placement 6/1/2015

    SOP for the facility placement of those hired under "previous experience" announcements.
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    Referral List Selections 5/20/2014

    The process by which the Air Traffic Organization will make tentative selections for Air Traffic Control Specialist-Trainee vacancies from referral lists provided by the Office of Human Resource Management.
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    Discontinued Projected Hiring

  11. MJ

    Discontinued Academy Class Info

    Updates for this information are being discontinued for the time being, as all classes continue to be filled until at least 2018. The resource has no real use while every class shows 0 vacancies for the foreseeable future.
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    Terminal Placement list

    MJ0730 submitted a new resource: Terminal Placement list - Current projected terminal placement Read more about this resource...
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    Priority Placement Tool January 2021

    This tool, the “Facility Priority Placement Tool” (FPPT) was developed to determine the highest priority facilities and where immediate placements are needed. The tool and the output, the Facility Placement Plan, takes current staffing and future predictions into account to determine a...
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    Controller Workforce Plan 2020

    The controller workforce plan is the official annual FAA report to congress.
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