1. DeltaBravo

    9G-AFPC-11503997-626798-TJM (Fairford, UK)

    This posting in Fairford, UK closed 5/24/22. Just curious if anyone else here submitted an application. Also curious if anyone knows much about the job, i.e. is there any additional pay such as housing allowance, any insight into life in Fairford and how’s the working structure with RAF.
  2. MJ


  3. P

    Academy Student Pay Raise - EFF 9 MAY 2021

    Message from AJG: "Dear Air Traffic Control Student, GREAT NEWS! As directed by President Joe Biden that all Federal workers wages be raised to at least a minimum of $15 per hour, the Office of Human Resources has informed us that conversion actions are being completed to adjust the salaries...
  4. yup

    Paycheck Calculator 2.1

    Spreadsheet to calculate (to within a few pennies, ideally!) the complete and accurate paycheck of any FAA air traffic controller, given such factors as base annual salary, overtime and other non-standard hours worked, CIP/COLA/affordability differential, W-4 entries, TSP and other deductions...
  5. yup

    Yup's Paycheck Calculator

    Didn't feel like tackling the updated W-4 all year, finally got around to it, updated other stuff too. Version 2 contains the following improvements: Instructions sheet tells you what to enter under Variables (you're on your own to copy over your individual numbers for Deductions) You only...
  6. P

    Developmental Save Pay Question

    I was a D3 at a level 12 facility and withdrew from training. The NEST sent me to a level 6 and I got save pay to the highest D3 pay at the level 6. I checked in today and was told they would be getting upgraded to a 7 in a few months. Would I keep my save pay from the level 12 and move up to...
  7. C

    Facility Upgrade After ERR Takes Effect Before Transfer Date?

    The contract was pretty vague on this, but sounds like I may be in luck. Heres the scenario: ERR'ed to a 12 September 2nd, from a 7 that just got upgraded to an 8, effective June 10th but found out today because of how upgrade process works. Do I get back paid like the rest of my old...
  8. M

    FAA to DoD Back to FAA Pay...

    So lets say Bob is a CPC at a level 12 facility making $126k rest of US locality ($109k no locality). Then he transfers to DoD GS12 Step 10, $82k base (plus 30% SSR, then 5% CPP) because that’s the highest pay for the position. Finally, Bob decides to join the FAA again, level 9 this time. As a...
  9. G

    ERR transfer pay question

    Hey question for anyone who may know...i recently got selected on the ncept, going from 6 to a 9. Pretty awesome. I had a question about the payband though. Since the locality is much lower going from ny to msy, my base here is about 400 bucks less than the band there...and i know about the half...
  10. breakaway2000

    CPC Transfer Pay Question

    Quick question for anyone that can answer it. Per the Slate book for CPC transfers... (1) One-half (1/2) of the increase is paid upon initial transfer to the new facility; the other one-half (1/2) is paid when fully certified in the new facility. Is this a straight dollar amount raise ala you...
  11. MJ

    2017 Pay

    December 09, 2016 In an unexpected letter yesterday, President Obama increased the 2017 federal employee pay raise to 2.1 percent - which is up from the 1.6 percent he had proposed earlier this year. This change also makes the pay raise for civilian employees equal to Defense Department...
  12. A


    I am about to leave the academy for location and I have been told I misunderstood some numbers I have read. My understanding was when looking at the AG pay grade at different enroute facilities, the locality percentage pay was already built in. (example - if AG pay is 45,000 and locality 20%...
  13. MJ

    CIP 2016

    The mythical, rarely seen in the wild (or google) list of CIP facilities and percentages.
  14. MJ

    Pay Charts 2024

    Published pay charts with locality.
  15. pointSixtyFive

    Payroll Calendar 2024

    FAA Pay period & holiday calendar
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