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Probably the shortest route if you can finesse it properly. Or go active duty and fail some pt tests and get the boot. Or have a baby.

Lol @ have a baby.

We’ve had some guys finesse it, especially the tower controllers. After OJT they have a CTO and seem to get hired quicker. Us radar guys have been pretty screwed until recently when they added the yes/or question about any facility ratings and rapcon ratings

I do think it’s a good way to even see if you like the career field. Could be wrong but I believe the folks who wash in tech school have the option to separate from the guard instead of picking a new job. I’ll have to ask to be sure tho


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No, I’ve been out since December. I’m planning on talking with a recruiter once I get settled, wherever that is.

I’m assuming I won’t have to go to basic again and I’ll be the same rank as I was when I got out? #E-4MAFIA
E4 mafia 4 life!

If we ever drink together I'll get that tattoo...

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