Hiring Bid FAA-ATO-23-ALLSRCE-84315

I scored qualified Pool 2. What does that mean?
I didn’t apply for this hiring notice but pool 1 is military and specialized college graduates and pool 2 is everyone else. Furthermore, they are starting to faze it out but your grade is either best qualified, well qualified, qualified, or unqualified. This is my first year applying but it seems the general consensus is that they pick from pool 1 BQ to Q before moving on to pool 2 BQ to Q. They usually don’t get to pool 2 qualified so I would probably reapply and retake the ATSA next year, sorry.
Got some more movement the past week or so.
TOL: 11/14/23
EODS Access/forms: 12/28/23
EODS forms approved: 1/2/24
Now ready to hurry up and wait for my CIL.
My timeline so far from this bid
-Job Bid Closed: 5/8/23
-Accepted to take ATSA: 8/23/23
-Referred ATSA Status: 9/15/23
-TOL: 9/29/23
-EODS Forms: 10/5/23
-EODS Forms Approved: 10/13/23
-CIL: 11/8/23
-MMPI-2 + fingerprints Scheduled: 11/16/23
-Security Clearance Approved: 11/22/23
-Medical Exam: 11/15/23
-Drug Test: 11/21/23
-Unofficial FOL: 12/12/23
-Official FOL: 12/19/23
-Start basics online: 1/11/24
-Class Date at Academy: 2/15/24
My timeline so far for this opening. 84315
-ATSA Invitation: 7/10/23 (Didn't retake. Used my previous score)
-Referred ATSA Status: 9/15/23
-TOL: 11/14/23
-EODS Forms: 12/28/23
-EODS Forms Approved: 1/2/24
-CIL: 1/3/24
-MMPI-2 & fingerprints completed: 1/11/24
-SF-86/eApp submitted: 1/14/24
-Medical Exam & Drug Test: 1/18/24

No news is good news at this point. Just waiting to hear that I'm cleared and have the green light.
That’s so wack, I was expecting at least a TOL with BQ. A declining letter would’ve been nice.
I’m still waiting - my status just says that I am “currently in review for Pool 2” so I’m just super confused because they have never taken this long in the past 2 application periods
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