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How is Ventura County? I’m not from SoCal but I’m one of the few that doesn’t care about the high cost of living and is interested in being there. I never here about this county tho. Is it pretty much the same as Los Angeles county?
Not bad. Cooler gets more ocean flow. A lil more rural but la county has been quickly expanding over the hill into Camarillo. You can probably find more affordable housing if you look inland a bit.


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Depending on how you feel about california I'd do CMA. GTF and ONT are absolute cesspools filled with misery


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Ventura county is like a microcosm of California. Has beaches, mountains, desert like areas, agriculture and cities. Not sure how housing is but it’s a cool area. Ojai in the fall is really nice.


Housing is expensive, but it’s not absolutely ridiculous. You’ll manage just fine on the salary. You just won’t be getting a big house obviously lol.

CMA would be my pick.


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I only go down there to hit up the beach but it’s really nice. Id say it’s a step above LA county for sure. Ventura is a great town and there’s several smaller towns up the road from Ventura/Oxnard area. If you don’t care about the cost of living it’d be a great place to live. Beautiful area that has a lot to offer. Obviously you’ve got the beach but there’s also a large national forest with tons of hiking fairly close as well. Not sure if you’re in a relationship but if you’re single it’d be the perfect place to buy a boat to live on.
If I could keep level 12 pay and work at CMA that’s the place to be.

I work with and know several people who have worked there, housing is way cheaper than LA county and it’s less “shitty” as some people describe it here.

Also it’s usually about five degrees cooler there than in LA beaches even in the summer. 85 is a heat wave. Lots of farmland, beaches, surfing, hiking, twisty roads for driving/motorcycling, and generally a really nice place to be.
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