Handoffs and How Far Is Too Far


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Any idea how the supe thing works if your supe has decided that working since october is overrated, and won't be in until after the new year?
They get an email to their FAA account. Then they are suppose to check your leave and approve it. If he checks his email like a good supervisor, haha, shouldn’t be an issue.

Otherwise I’d put it on the ATM and be like I am donating this leave, can you make knuckle head approve it, or perhaps just putting in another supervisor who would be willing to check your leave balance and approve it. It is all automated so I am not sure if their is a check into if it’s your actual supervisor or not.

Some people do
I will concede that I would take a flash anywhere, but if I was working a high sector that only had flight levels, I appreciated it when people didn’t ship them till into the flight levels. Which normal people would understand and do.

Otherwise I technically needed my primaries displayed. Of course, if they did it, since they worked in the same area and knew better, I’d just do the ole eye for an eye routine.


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If the flashing is bother you then just take the handoff and it stops flashing. If you’re too busy to click on him then put me in a hold. I’m not going to switch the guy to you 30 miles from the boundary if that’s what you’re afraid of.

You will be surprised how many do ship them early. When your on combined sectors and you are trying to manage scan and frequency congestion the early flash is annoying regardless. No I don’t need to put you in a hold because I can talk to the guy, but I don’t need to yet. But it’s just still an uneccesarry thing to look at for so long. It’s like keeping a bunch of of datablocks up on AC that are long gone and 30 miles out of your airspace.....maybe you are not busy but you don’t know what the other controller has going on. It’s just courtesy.
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