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I had a couple questions regarding FAA health insurance now that I'm getting closer to my class date, hoping someone can help me out.

1: When am I clear to sign up for benefits and plans, and who do I talk to for them?

2: Are there any controllers here who either have type 1 diabetes themselves, or a spouse/child who does? I'm trying to figure out what the best insurance plan would be for my fiancee, insulin pumps and endocrinologists haven't been cheap.


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You’ll get info for FEHB when you onboard. If I recall correctly, you’re benefits will kick in almost immediately, or after the following pay period at the latest.

Don’t know about diabetes, but my spouse has some chronic health issues and we have Blue Cross. We pay very little out of pocket, even for major treatments/meds, including surgeries. BCBS is by far the most popular plan among Feds.


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Most people have BCBC, I switched to GEHA elevate plus 2 years ago and love it next year it. I think it does go up to $190 biweekly for Self plus family, but the no deductible was worth it for us. The main reason we switched was the free virtual Dr visit through MD Live and the ability to earn $500 per person ($1000 total) in FSA money. It's also administered through United healthcare so you shouldn't have to worry about being out of network.

That being said if you are going to be spending a decent amount on meds I'd look for something that gives you rewards dollars so you are spending less out of your own pocket.

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