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This might have been covered before but what is the starting pay for the prior experience bids? Im assuming its bottom of the D payband. I know save pay kicks in with a DOD job but if I did 10 years military and a couple contract towers, where would I start? I got a facility assignment and start date from Apr 17 bid and I think I negotiate pay next.
If you're talking FAA you won't be negotiating pay. You will start at the bottom of D1 (or whatever the lowest developmental band your facility has). After you actually hit the "real" D1 of 25% positions certified you'll get a 6% raise, then resume the normal pay schedule for D2, 3, CPC. Your military and contract pay mean jack squat to the FAA.
Thats great to know. The lowest D band pay is more than what I was making at either. Thank you!
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