Stuck in a holding pattern at a facility


It is a great place to work, great culture and people. Produces pretty good controllers who historically go onto other places and are successful in checking out (even at high lvls). It's just not a good career facility due to super high cost of living, significant others cant find jobs in career fields other than hospitals or hospitality, long commute, 3 hours from nearest large city, to go on vacation you have to drive 3 hours to denver first and fly from there, seasonal traffic is either super busy or super slow. It is a good training place, but with ncept its turning into a place with very little hope of moving up in the agency. We release only at best one person a year and with the majority wanting to leave thats a low chance per person to get out anytime soon. The competition to get out is so high that if you're not willing to put errs in for all the top places you're going to be staying here forever.

I mean we got 1 new trainee in the last 2 years... that's crazy. While we see other low level places get people from the acad, nest, hardship and continue to let people go every ncept then jump us in the numbers and again get new people. ASE is not alone and is not the worst ncept wise, but it's frustrating watching some places just turn and burn people out to great places while cpcs here are stuck and have very little chance of leaving in the next few years.


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I wish I understood why NATCA was fine with not including some way out. Staffing facilities is an FAA problem, not a NATCA one IMO
And when we were the 2nd class at the academy that switched from 2 spots on the list per passing student to one spot on the list, I asked why they did this and they told me NATCA... (If that's true, who knows, but still)


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I wish I understood why NATCA was fine with not including some way out. Staffing facilities is an FAA problem, not a NATCA one IMO
Ask your boy Dean Iacopelli, he's from N90 and had a huge amount of influence for NCEPT


You say that but it sure seems that most controllers are either completely complacent or somewhat onboard with Ncept. It sucks.


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Dude just retired is about to?

He got one of the legacy NATCA jobs. "Chief of Staff" to Paul Rinaldi". His duties apparently include showing up to the NATCA vs FAA shutdown lawsuit next to the $5,000 an hour Woodley & Mcgillivary attorneys which has thus far featured Sister Molly Elkin getting slapped down by Judge Richard Leon. Meanwhile, NATCA members wait patiently for the mythical "credit hours lawsuit" award. Which is "being calculated" for the last 5 years... :lol:



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Couldn't stay away from this topic...

The massive problem with the NCEPT is that it does seriously bone some facilities. While other facilities are very easy to leave to high level desirable locations. Let me use as an example two places.... 1. VGT, level 7 I think the target number is 11. Look at how many they released last year on the NCEPT, it was like 9 freaking people. This ncept they are again already releasing 5 more people. FIVE! When they do release those people they will go to somewhere around 76-78% staffing or something. They get acad grads, nest, and hardship transfers going there.

2. ASE... cpc target of 15. Has got 1 new person in the last two years, during the entire NCEPT has only let 2 people go, and will finally get to let only 1 person go again this ncept. When they do, number will go down to 81.1.... so vgt will then get the acad grad before ASE, just like other facilities who keep getting people, releasing, then jumping ASE in the numbers and then getting new people again. ASE does not get nest, they do not get hardships, they get only acad grads, but they get stuck at 81 or 83% for years watching other places release and jump them in getting acad grads over and over.

After so long people at places like ASE get desperate, and multiple people put in for literally every top facility. So the competition to leave is crazy and tensions get high... it creates a not fun environment. The hope of getting out is 1/14th chance once a year and you have to put into all the top low staffed high level facilities... if you dont you have no chance of ever leaving.

That's what's wrong
Why doesnt ASE get the same amount of new hires as VGT. I know people who want a FAA ATC job badly. They would take ASE in a heartbeat. Center washouts fingers crossed about getting a 2nd chance at a lower level facility would jump on ASE too. Why isn't ASE getting these people!!!!


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Same reason why we're not, an inbound spot being held up by a NEST guy who actually isnt coming here because he may or may not still have medical clearance and they had to do the NEST anyway but he's being held at his last facility for the time being.

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