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So, I like being able to sort & alter data, as well as have as much data as possible. So, I combined a bunch of different things (Staffing Sheets, pay data, traffic counts, etc) into one excel sheet. I can't post excel files on here, so you are going to have to drop the '.txt' from the file name. Let me know if there is anything else I should add to it.

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That's weird, I just tried it and it worked. I think you need at least Excel 2007 for '.xlsx' files, I use Excel 2010. Make sure you keep the '.xlsx' extension and not '.xls'. Let me know if any of this helps.
Here is some help:

1. Right click on the link and choose "Save Link As...".
2. Save where you want it (probably Desktop).
3. Click on the filename and delete ".txt" at the end.
4. You will receive a warning about the file extension being changed, but just choose "Yes".
5. Voila. Now open the file.
Sorry, I haven't compiled one for en-route. I have only done terminal - as that is what my TOL is for, and I wanted to see what my options might be.
Okay, thanks.

next time the various sources get updated, I'll look into adding in the center data, shouldn't take too much to do so. Also, if there is anything else you can think of adding... I'll probably add city, state...Not sure what else would be beneficial without making it too much.
Any updates to the list rdyotz?? If you can upload as excel format that would be great. My computer is currently down and only have my phone.
Nothing new yet, waiting to see how often staffing sheets are updated. Pay data & traffic counts haven't been updated (updates yearly). Adding the centers in requires me to rewrite the python script that parses the staffing sheets PDF file and converts it to excel, and I would rather wait to insure the format still works when those are updated.

As for excel, the forums only allow me to upload certain files (pictures, .pdf, .txt, etc) and it currently doesn't support .xls or .xlsx. So I am stuck renaming the excel sheet as a .txt file for now. In order to rename a file on your phone, you will probably need a special program, ES File Explorer for Android works well. I think you maybe able to rename files on iPhone via Finder - not positive though.
Just so I am reading this correctly so the staffing data on this spreadsheet was updated at the beginning of the year and it updates yearly? This sheet is awesome by the way thank you for sharing.
the numbers on this spreadsheet were taken off the staffing sheets posted for each facility. they were updated end of april.
current cpc/dev staffing is on the priority placement tool, its just not broken down by Dstage like the staffing sheets were. Don't have direct access to that info anymore, and have to rely on HR to publish staffing sheets, which who knows if they will continue to do so.
Seeing as how staffing sheets might not be updated again, I decided to update the database. I added ARTCC's. Also, included more information on facilities (address, zip, phone, city, state, etc). I also added CIP data to the payscales - so they should be more accurate now.
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