1. J

    MMPI TIER 2 and 1st class airmen medical

    I am mmpi tier 2 waiting around on the government. I recently believe I realized my passion is flying. Though I still would strongly consider atc. Will being MMPI tier 2 have any affect on getting another 1st class medical. I have a PPL and 179 hours or so. Would I dare say pulling out of this...
  2. R

    Medical Medical Retirement for Depression

    I'm currently a developmental at a level 9 up down facility, I've completed tower and working on my second of three positions in the radar scope. I've recently began having really bad bouts of depression and anxiety. Obviously I'd love to keep off medication as long as I can but it's inching...
  3. S

    Medical Purgatory Advice

    Hello, I'm looking for some advice on whether I should reach out to anyone else within the FAA, and how to go about doing so. To keep it brief, I've been in the hiring process for few years, have had conditional security clearance for between 1.5-2 years, and as of this month, I haven't had an...
  4. C

    Copy of CIL, specifically the medical forms you fill out.

    Hey everyone. I have received a TOL and I am waiting for my EODS to be set up. I got an email last month saying that my HR specialist has left and I will be appointed a new HR representative. No word on this yet. I was just curious if anyone has a copy of their paperwork they were sent for...
  5. J

    Question about seeing counselor

    Hey all - cpc here have a medical coming up in April. Over Covid my wife and I ended up seeing a couples counselor and then not long after (without thinking) I saw a guy just for myself to work on my side of the issues. In order to code it for insurance he needed to put something that he was...
  6. MJ

    Medical VA rating for headaches

    Anyone get through medical with a rating for headaches? Either pre-employment or as a controller? I’m assuming the cause is the most important thing they look for? What things did they look for to determine DQ or not?
  7. N

    Hearing Loss

    Does anyone know if the FAA’s standards for hearing are VERY strict or just kind of average? Or know anyone that’s danced on the cusp of having almost bad hearing in their medical cert? I’m worried because I currently work in a limestone mine (just separated USAF) working to bridge the gap and...
  8. M

    Medical Question

    I had Lasik almost 2 years ago, I don’t believe I’ve been to the eye doctor in about a year. Vision still seems to be perfect, last time I was in he told me I was reading the 20/15 line. Currently waiting for a CIL and wanted to know if I need to bring any documents from my eye surgery to the...
  9. C

    BCBS Standard vs. BCBS Basic

    I've been looking into which insurance option I'm going to take for my family, and standard looks like the way I'm heading. I just had a quick question. For standard, there aren't regular co-pays for things (emergency care) and they instead have a percentage of the allowance as payment. Do...
  10. N

    Asthma During Military Service

    So I developed exercise induced and allergenic asthma during military service. It has gotten much better and I hardly notice it now. What are my chances in the medical certification or will they not ask for my medical records if I claim I have no problems and can pass the physical? How long/what...
  11. D

    Medical Clearance - Crohn's

    I'm looking to apply during the next OTS bid next week, but want to see my chances of passing medical. I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease at ~13 years old (25 now). I've had one surgery @ 15 related to Crohn's side effects and none since. (Other than biannual Colonoscopies to monitor). Other...
  12. W

    Contacting Flight Surgeon

    I am only waiting on my medical to be approved before I get my FOL. The medical department tells me I do not need any further evaluation on the MMPI - which is a huge relief. Now I have a specific time sensitive problem coming up. I am a teacher right now and my contract due date is coming at...
  13. L

    Medical Alcohol Use Disorders and FAA

    This is a bit embarrassing and personal but here goes nothing. Currently AD Air Force, early 30s, dual-rated, and will have AOC experience shortly. I got arrested last year on base for drunk and disorderly conduct. Long story short, went to in-patient treatment and was diagnosed with an AUD. I...
  14. W

    Medical Isotretinoin before academy?

    Would it be okay to take isotretinoin before attending the academy? I'm not prescribed anything at the moment. I'm waiting for my scheduled medical exam. I'll definitely ask at the exam before I move on with any prescriptions but I'm curious if anyone perhaps went through something similar and...
  15. Itsallgucci


    I received a TOL for pool 1 on Dec 21st right before the shutdown. I've been reading into the CIL process, and it looks like I will have to be submitting my medical records from the VA for clearance. I have a 50% disability rating for back/knee pain, 10% of that is for PTSD. I received the PTSD...
  16. slater

    Medical Lose Medical Due To Illness, What Happens?

    What happens when you are a CPC and lose your medical clearance due to a medical condition that requires treatment or medication that perm downs you?
  17. Logical_Mongoose

    Drug Screening Question

    I recently had the good fortune of having a GI infection in the beginning of August and having a kidney stone this week. The ER gave me some wonderful medications to "push" me through the process of passing the kidney stone, but I have my medical exam and drug screen next week. Does anyone know...
  18. R

    Medical Retirement

    Does anyone have any information or know where I can get information on medical retirements?
  19. J

    Medical clearance timeline

    I received my TOL August 2015. I was deployed so I accepted the TOL but had to push off hiring processing until I returned August 2016. Picked back up in August 2016 and had everything completed by September 16th. Apparently I'm still waiting to be cleared by medical, but everything else is good...
  20. H

    Tier 2

    Anyone on hear going through the tier 2 process?
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