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This exactly. After the first 6 hours it takes off its an amazing experience. I played it all weekend so I’m about 20 hours In (yes you can judge me for that) and it’s one of the best gaming experiences out there. I’ve only done one main quest after the prologue yet I’ve spent so much time in the game. The side quests are insane, might be the best of any RPG which is what I like the most. I’m on Xbox series x so I’m sure it’s not the same on lesser consoles but I am really loving it. Sneaking and hacking my way through enemies doesn’t get old.
RPG + Blade Runner vibes + GTA = SOLD

People are too quick to judge a book by its cover. Yeah, it's absolutely frustrating as hell when developers rush something and then have to issue rounds upon rounds of massive patches, but the games that are coming out now are so mind boggling good it's insane. Two console generations ago we used to think games that had a 20 hour playthrough rating were expansive and immersive. Now if something breaks 100+ hours we complain about it being repetitive or tedious.

Developers absolutely aren't doing themselves favors by rushing to release games, and I was actually relieved they pushed Cyberpunk back a few times; now I just wish they would have pushed it back even more. They blew their launch and that's going to be mostly what Cyberpunk will be remembered for even if they iron most of the bugs out in the next 3 months and the end product is a symphony of a game.

**steps off soapbox**
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