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    Ensure pilots acknowledge all Air Traffic Clearances and ATC Instructions. When a pilot reads back an Air Traffic Clearance or ATC Instruction:

    1. Ensure that items read back are correct.
    2. Ensure the read back of hold short instructions, whether a part of taxi instructions or a LAHSO clearance.
    3. Ensure pilots use call signs and/or registration numbers in any read back acknowledging an Air Traffic Clearance or ATC Instruction.
    • NOTE:
    • 1. ATC Clearance/Instruction Read Back guidance for pilots in the AIM states:
      1. Although pilots should read back the “numbers,” unless otherwise required by procedure or controller request, pilots may acknowledge clearances, control instructions, or other information by using “Wilco,” “Roger,” “Affirmative,” or other words or remarks with their aircraft identification.
      2. Altitudes contained in charted procedures, such as departure procedures, instrument approaches, etc., need not be read back unless they are specifically stated by the controller.
      3. Initial read back of a taxi, departure or landing clearance should include the runway assignment, including left, right, center, etc. if applicable.
    • 2. Until a pilot acknowledges a controller's clearance or instruction, a controller cannot know if a pilot will comply with the clearance or remain as previously cleared.
    • “Climbing to Flight Level three three zero, United Twelve” or “November Five Charlie Tango, roger, cleared to land runway four left.”
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